This sounds like a million dollar question to ask but it is a real truth to be answered.

I had met a group of youths the other day at a symposium organized by a particular tertiary institution and here I was , trying to give them a blue print of an innovative idea that i had unfolded and I could transform into a big business.  I spoke with vigor and enthusiasm to people I believed would tow my path or at least show some appreciation of what I had in mind. I watched in amazement as one by one they all spoke of getting a job and that all this business stuff does not really concern them .even one went on to say, actors and footballers are they into business ?

This last comment perhaps is the general line of thought of most youths in Nigeria and Africa. However, it might interest you to know that BUSINESS IS THE FOUNDATION OF HUMAN EXISTENCE.Sounds odd .right? The existence of man has hinged on his ability to exchange items . The era of trade by barter is clearly indicative that business was what moved the world. Now imagine if you had a box of Gold and you were extremely hungry, you cannot eat gold and therefore you would go round looking for an edible item to exchange for the box of gold. that exchange is business

Today, there is an exchange of almost any type or form of an item for currency money. a famous writer once said that ‘money is the heart of man for his life on earth can be threatened without its existence ‘ and it clearly seems everything done today is in the view of making money

Now, this is a fact: READ IT CAREFULLY ……..It is a truth that 99.9% of the Worlds population either know, are ignorant of, or just seem indifferent towards it


read it to yourself and see the meaning: people earn money by shifting their toes …to a drum kit (drummer) ….pressing their toes on a throttle (driving) or even pressing their foot on the ground for a long distance. every action, every movement, and every step represent business. your hobbies are a business. everything is a business.

Never take your mind off the fact that you can make money out of anything in the world…I REPEAT …ANYTHING ! The difference between you and success is BUSINESS and that difference lies in your ability to utilize your creativity and expert advice.

Take a moment and reflect and look at what you can do with your actions or your hobbies .look around and see yourself building up an empire from the stairs of ideas flowing in your mind. Great !

If you would need more help on how to make a business from what you do or what you love doing, then do well to contact me for professional guidance.

Hope you find this piece useful. Do well to leave back your comments, suggestions, and recommendations.

Start that business today!


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