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Dan Mooney

Me, Myself and Them

  • tristatestigmahas quoted6 years ago
    you can’t trust yourself because you’re part of your problem
  • b9876219186has quotedlast year
    It’s just outside, feel the fear, do it regardless
  • Afroz Afrozhas quotedlast year
    Denis made sure that he smiled and showed his manners as often as possible, to compensate for the irritation of having to individually wrap a teaspoon in a serviette, or pick up money from the counter-top and place the change back without simply handing it over.
  • Alina ❤️has quotedlast year
    like a rebel who refused to bend to authority
  • Azura Okhas quotedlast year
    a steady kind of rhythm that drowned out thoughts.
  • b4183584955has quoted2 years ago
    feel the fear, do it regardless
  • b8200428515has quoted2 years ago
    Do it. Say hello. Do it now
  • Doaa Mohammedhas quoted19 days ago
    Contents © Dan Mooney 2017
    The right of the above author to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright,
  • Liza Vasilievahas quotedlast month
    unfortunate need to grocery shop arose

    Возникла досадная необходимость

  • GALLARDO, ALLYSA. Ahas quoted2 months ago
    I remember when you weren’t afraid of your own shadow. It’s just outside, feel the fear, do it regardless.
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